A Favorite…

Chris posted his favorite wedding photo last week, and now it’s my turn. I’m not a crier, so it’s uncanny how my eyes get a little misty sweaty each time I look at this particular shot.

Nielson Millar Wedding Blog

Everyone deserves to have someone that looks at them with this much love… EVERYONE. You can see the rest of our wedding photos here.

Another Day, Another Wedding

When Chris and I decided to get married in Mexico, I knew what we were getting into with the legality issue; after all, I’ve seen season four of “The Hills.”

Rather than deal with the red tape we decided to have a quick ceremony at home when we returned. My work hippie, Anthony, is a minister and agreed to officiate. The ceremony ended up being far more meaningful than I expected, so I was grateful to have a friend perform the ceremony.

I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of inviting anyone, but at the last minute I couldn’t stand the thought of getting married again without my family. Everyone gathered in our front room; my 9-year-old niece filmed the ceremony on my iPhone, and my 4-year-old nephew sprayed us with pink silly string while we kissed.

It was casual and incredibly heartfelt. I’m a damn lucky girl to marry the love of my life twice in the span of a week!


Ocean: 1, Camera: 0

As Sarah said last night, we arrived in Salt Lake City without too many issues.  One rather big issue was my camera being put on life support for the last two days of our trip. This was due to my insistence on getting a shot of our Calavera Catrina souvenir on a rock that was sitting midway in the ocean.

“Are you sure it’s OK to get your camera a little wet?”

“Yeah, I’ve done this before. Plus, it’s designed with weather-proof seals.”

Not only did I not get the shot I wanted, but the camera died in the process. We took it back to our room, I pulled out the battery and prayed that all would be well. Between the humidity of Mexico and the age of the camera (it’s seven years old), things weren’t looking good.

All my fears were put to rest when I let the camera sit for another 24 hours in Utah’s dry humidity. This morning the camera showed signs of life for the first time in four days. It was such a relief to see the screen come on and the lens focus.

So, how many photos did we shoot while we were in Mexico? A little under 600. It was a fun trip, but it feels so good to be home. Our tans may not last, but at least the memories will.


Home, Sweet Home

We made it home safe and sound, and can’t wait to post all the wedding photos, videos and stories. But first we both need to decompress, otherwise we’ll end up looking exactly like our favorite souvenir.

So long

The Forgotten Villa

Sarah and I took a moment out of our hectic schedule of smoothies and tanning to wander around the neighboring areas. Directly adjacent to our resort we found a run down hotel battered and boarded up. In front, you could see the long forgotten ‘for sale’ sign failing miserably to attract any positive attention.

Sarah and I hypothesized what it would take to buy the property, fix it up, and get guests back in it. Could it be done? Could it be done by us? Before our fantasy could wander too far off, the care taker of the property made it clear that we were not welcome inspecting our future investment. At least, I think that’s what all the pointing and yelling was about.

When I think about our future, it’s not just a series of stories to be told. I see something so much more with her. I see an adventure. Maybe one day it will include a villa in Mexico and maybe it won’t. All I know is that I can’t wait to find out.


Thirty Something Years Later…

I finally learned how to relax! There are a few key necessities to make this happen: something to read, warm weather, tequila and a new husband behind the scenes doting on me.

Relaxation, Mexico Style

A favorite

We just got back from meeting with our photographer, and we’re now in the process of curating all the photos from the wedding. Since it will be a while before we post them, I thought I’d offer up one of my favorites now.

A favorite

The View

A few months ago, when compiling gift ideas for Sarah’s birthday, I casually mentioned that she may want to consider a Kindle. “I don’t need or want a Kindle, I have an iPad and books,” She told me. Fast forward to packing for our trip where I decided to bring mine and she decided to lug around about five paperback books. Little did I know that I would be the one relegated to the paperbacks while she completely took over my reader. This has been my morning view on more than one occasion.

Sarah's Kindle

What Happens in Mexico, Apparently STAYS IN MY MIND FOREVER

Today, at the pool, I watched an old, hairy man wearing a Speedo dance to The Spice Girls. I’ve done everything I can to rid my mind of such horror, but there are only so many margaritas a girl can drink without puking on her new, and beloved, husband.


When in Mexico…

We’re on our fifth full day of our vacation and seem to be figuring out how to survive being vegetarian in a world that doesn’t quite understand why we would do such a thing. Trying to ask your server what doesn’t have meat has always been one of life’s little joys. Throw the language barrier in the mix and you’re bound to get a few mix ups. Sarah and I were prepared for this so we’ve stuck to the basics, namely beer, wine, margaritas, and more wine. Toss in a few no-carne tacos and a metric shit ton of guacamole and you’ve got a couple of happy vegetarians in Mexico. And by happy, I mean a couple alcoholic fatties.

Fatty Food